Monday, 20 May 2013

New Designs and Moulds : The Crystal Palace and Smithfield Market

For the past two weeks I have worked on new resin designs and a range of bangles inspired by The Crystal Palace and Smithfield Market, (working from archive film footage and photographs).  All of these are now at various stages of development from 3D models to part made up blocks.

©Jane Dzisiewski : Cut up photocopies of drawings - Smithfield Market

©Jane Dzisiewski : design produced from a collage of drawings - Smithfield Market

The Crystal Palace - ironwork and windows

©Jane Dzisiewski : Crystal Palace Design

©Jane Dzisiewski : bangle models - new sizes and designs

I also tweaked two of my existing designs and scaled new sizes from these and created a new bangle design for the Crystal Palace work.  The first blocks are now finished so I'll be cutting stones from these today and assessing what changes to make to the resin opacity and colours I've used so far.

©Jane Dzisiewski : resin block - detail

©Jane Dzisiewski : resin block - detail

For the colours I have been referring to the Pantone Colour forecasts for Spring and Autumn 2013 (see here).  I've also introduced references from The Grammar Of Ornament by Owen Jones as this contains the information he used for The Crystal Palace when he was overseeing the creation of the various exhibition Courts.

Owen Jones - The Grammar of Ornament : Moresque Designs - Alhambra Palace

I've been mixing various blues, reds, blacks, creams, off-whites and metal colours.  The image below I found on Tumblr gives an idea of the range of colours I have been mixing within this remit.

Pinterest : Tumblr image - no record of  citation

©Jane Dzisiewski : resin block detail after first sand

There's now two and a half weeks until The Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey and much is still to be done!  For all festival information, list of exhibitors and details on advance ticket sales, please see their website here.

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