Monday, 6 August 2012

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2012, Manchester.

Next up for me is to prepare for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2012, Spinningfields, Manchester.  I like to torment myself with a regular countdown and my latest reckoning puts this at 8 weeks and 2 days until setup begins.

The GNCCF leaflets have gone to print and I was mighty pleased to discover that an image of my work made the kaleidoscope of craft this year (the bangles on the outer circle).

The timetable is up on the wall and the work schedule in place.  This will no doubt have gone completely to pot by the end of August when I will then revert to applying large amounts of tippex moving the goal posts.  Usually by the time a fair comes around the once flat surface of my to-do list resembles the crater of the moon where I have been removing the evidence with white liquid.  At this juncture though, the good intentions are there and the sanding regalia is already set up at 9.30am ready for me to start.  The finger has been pulled out.

For all information on the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair please see their website here.  All the other 2012 exhibitors are up on there too to whet the appetite.