Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Craft Centre & Design Gallery, Leeds

I'm assembling a collection of work to send to The Craft Centre & Design Gallery, Leeds which will be available to buy there from mid March.

With the change of season approaching I have researched the Pantone colour forecast for Spring 2013 and already have an eye on Autumn 2013.  The Spring palette initially looked quite upsetting but after trying to assemble a mood board over my mixing desk, it seems it isn't a million miles away from the Vuillard painting which has been up on my wall for 10 months now.  The left half (except for the hideous emerald green) sits within the left hand side of the painting and the colours on the right are reflected in the right half of the painting.  The subject of the painting, the sombrely dressed Bonnard, I see as representing me and my tastes in there and will feature in all my colour mixing choices.  So the Vuillard painting stays - and not just because I love it but because it includes almost every colour in the Pantone colour predictions for the coming months.

Pantone fashion colour report - Spring 2013

'Study For The Portrait Of Bonnard' by Édouard Vuillard - colour inspiration

Taking poppy red from the Pantone predictions, I was searching for an image of tonal reds and found a beautiful photograph on Flickr by Bertil Hansson (link here).  Below is a detail of the original with one of my resin stones overlaid.  I cannot wait to start interpreting the colours and the texture into resin - my mouth is actually watering!

© Bertil Hansson / BUS - All rights reserved
Jane Dzisiewski resin stone overlaid a detail of Bertil Hansson's photograph - Wall IV.
This image is from a series of Abstract work Bertil has on his website

I've made quite a few bangles and blocks already and now hoping for a few degrees increase in the outside temperature so that I can get outside and start sanding and cutting stones next week.

Jane Dzisiewski - Resin bangles just released from moulds

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