Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pendant Commission

Handmade resin stone mounted in silver and 9ct gold (6cm x 3.5cm), silver chain (90cm) with 9ct gold handmade findings.

I've been working on a pendant commission from a lovely gentleman for his sister's birthday.

We went through my collection of work and the customer picked out elements he liked from several pieces - designs, colours, styles and detailing.  The recipients height, skin and hair colour were discussed and we also had a look through Facebook albums at photographs.  The customer particularly liked my latest collection of work which is inspired by Victorian ironwork from the now demolished Smithfield's Market - (for the blog post on the inspiration behind this body of work, please see the Collecting History tagged posts here).  A pendant and chain was decided on and a stone selected from a range of rough sanded fishing net stones.  Below is a series of images which show the piece being made.

Assorted handmade resin stones - fishing net design
Stone selected - bottom left hand corner

Stone polished up - on top of the image which inspired the colours and opacity

Ironwork - Smithfields Victorian Market building - NW Film Archive footage

Stone overlayed a drawing of the ironwork roof within Smithfields Market building

The customer selected an area within the drawings I had done of the ironwork

Silver pendant mount and tracing of ironwork design

Piercing out the design out of the back of the silver mount

Finished silver mount with 9ct gold bayonet and platinol applied inside

Jane Dzisiewski
Handmade resin stone mounted in silver and 9ct gold

Handmade 9ct gold finding

Jane Dzisiewski
Finished piece lit from behind to showing the opacity of the stone

This piece is now parceled up and on its way to the recipient although I won't be able to relax until I know she has received it and most important of all, likes it!  Digits crossed.

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