Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Jewellery Showcase

Last Thursday I took a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, to gather research for new work I am doing as part of my Jewellery Showcase there in July/August. Since my previous visit, the David Nash exhibition has come down, and finishing touches were being made to the Jaume Plensa exhibit, which promises to be as equally amazing as its predecessor. The full exhibition only opened to the public on Saturday, but I managed to take a few shots of the outside exhibits I had access to..

YSP staff member unwittingly giving a sense of scale
It was very surreal seeing these forms within the Yorkshire landscape

The Underground Gallery

On top of the roof of the Underground Gallery

The Gardens

The Gardens - detail

The Gardens

From these photographs, my initial response will be to create two new resin designs to use in approximately half of the work I supply for my YSP Showcase. The rest will come from existing designs in my portfolio.

A few weeks ago I showed a fellow maker Lucy Harvey some of the processes behind making the resin blocks. She suggested that I record selected parts of the journey from the design stage through to the finished pieces, as she had not realised how much work was involved in making my resin stones and bangles. I like to challenge people's perceptions about what is valuable and evidencing my design process and work development in this way seems a good place to start.


  1. Love these pictures... can't wait to see what your exhibition holds...

  2. Thank you - and neither can I! My brain is now in over drive though, which is a good start.